Wednesday, December 14, 2005


You know how when you're sick you can just taste that sick taste in your mouth? I know, pretty disgusting way to start out, especially having given you no warning. But I'm sick. All over. Head, throat, stomach, skin. And what's worse was today was NOT a day I could miss at work. So my darling husband drove me in this morning and waited on me for an hour while I quickly wrapped up all that needed to be done for the day. It wasn't much - it was just past its deadline. The newsletter was meant to be sent off to the printer yesterday, but the Rector had yet to finish reviewing it. I cornered him this morning before he could run off to assembly, got his remarks, arranged the proof for pick-up, called the printers and left. Scott is too good to me, driving me in and waiting around. But at least it got done. I couldn't have dealt with myself if I'd just left it undone, no matter how crappy I felt upon awakening and no matter how much I cried at the thought of crawling out of bed.

In fact, I feel pretty miserable even sitting up right now checking my email and catching up on blogs so I'm gonna head back upstairs with my copy of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and settle back into bed for the night. Scott is happy because he got to miss class today to take me into work and since I'm not up for making dinner, he gets to order a curry for delivery.

Aww, and now he's asleep on the couch. A day off must've worn him out. ;)

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