Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Even More Just Stuff

1. Since I know you all have been waiting with baited breath to find out how the Christmas party went, I'll tell you. I hate to keep my adoring public in suspense. It went fine.

2. This awesomest date ever that I've been planning for Scott is gonna be a little less awesomest than I hoped as we are waiting for pay day. It's still gonna be awesome, but it's gonna be spread over a few days as wages roll into the bank.

3. Sunday Scott and I are gonna go to a art show sorta thing in Glasgow at the Lighthouse. It's called Matryoshka, and according to s1play.com it is a show where "Artists and designers present a new take on the concept of Russian nesting dolls". Cool.

4. Scott and I just ate homemade pizzas and McDonald's milkshakes! (And here I am wondering why I can't fit in skinny girl clothes...)

5. We saw Narnia, and it was good. Other than that "greater force that controls our destiny" Star Wars line spoken by (a rather disappointing) Aslan. I like the name Aslan. I'd like to name a kid that. Scott would rather punch himself in the head.

***Edit by Scott. She's not exaggerating.***

6. I love babies.

***Edit by Scott. Sigh.***

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