Sunday, December 25, 2005

Crimbo 05

Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum (for the eggnog, of course.)

Crimbo 05 seems to have been a success. The day started out with a very good Remembrance service at church, which I felt was most appropriate for Christmas morning. What better way to remember the birth of Christ than by taking the bread and wine with other members of His body? It was really good.

And then Scott and I came home to open our presents.

The kitties were pretty chuffed with our presents as well.

Then we headed over to Scott's mum and dad's for Christmas lunch and more pressies.

Scott was lookin' really good in his new jumper, by the way.

After that, we came back home and reviewed our loot.

Winner of the Top Most Interesting/Bizarre Gifts:

(Yes, that is a yard of beer and an alarm clock that makes tea.) Hurray for awesome stuff!

And though there is no contest for cutest stuff, if there had been, the winner would have been this:

Thanks, Rebekkah! It's so cute, it even looks good on Scott!

Sigh, then we decided that we got loads of really good stuff from everyone and so we were pooped and ordered a curry and watched Muppet Christmas Carol. The End.

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