Monday, January 02, 2006

And we're back.

But not better than ever.

It's day 8 of the sickness and though I no longer have "the flu" per se, I still am very sneezy, coughy, runny-nosey, achey and tired. Scott's still very asthma-y.

But I've been determined to enjoy at least part of my holidays, so I've been getting out here and there. I went bowling with my friend Jenny one night, and we went to a Hogmanay party, which we left at 10:30 because I felt so ill. Tonight we're going out for pizza and beer with Pete and Jamie, and tomorrow, if all goes as planned, Jenny and I will revisit the ear-piercing plan. Wednesday we're having a couple of friends over for dinner, a couple that, well, let's be honest, we have a couple-crush on. So sick or not, I WILL bloody enjoy this stupid break, whether I like it or not.

And last night around 9 I got the urge to rearrange the living room furniture, which lasted until about 3am. I now type to you from the other side of the room, in what feels like a really new, exciting, spacious room. One you can't get out of, by the way, because of the positioning of the loveseat, but nevermind. We'll sort that... somehow.

Anyway, Pete and Scott are playing Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, the best XBOX game EVER, except for Munch's Oddessey, and even I have enjoyed playing it. I beat Scott at Monkey Soccer and Monkey Billiards, and I was even caught playing Monkey Bowling by myself earlier. It's fun.

Ok, so I'm gonna do a wee bit of tidying now. Pete says, "Argle bargle bush".

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