Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Rem and Clem
As if the 6°C air and the rain and wind weren't making me cold enough, I'm now sitting in a somewhat empty room with no carpet and a boiler that will never be strong enough to heat up a room floored in concrete. The carpet came up today so we could lay the wooden flooring, but somehow the wooden flooring never got laid. I suppose that'll be tomorrow's job. We also have two burnt out lightbulbs so I'm shivering by the light of a floor lamp and two computers.

While Scott plays World of Warcraft, I am discovering this oh-so-trendy Myspace monomania. Though I am about as interested in it as I was Friendster (i.e., minimal participation expected), I have to say it's darn well cooler. I mean, I found, like, a million people from my past. People I've always wondered whether they still existed and where and how and whatnot. It's pretty remarkable. But it's that whole trend-thing that gets to me... I mean, everyone and their German shepherd has a Myspace. It's pretty dorky, ya'll.

...So, I've noticed from my lack of comments that either
a) no one surfs the net anymore
b) no one comments anymore
or c) we've become freaking boring.

Gosh, somehow I just can't believe it's a or b.

But goodness, how are we supposed to become interesting again? Nothing, I repeat, nothing bloody happens around here. I mean, wanna hear the recent development in the McF household? Here they are, in all their boring glory:
1. My ear has gotten infected.
2. I am driving to work now.
3. We're getting wooden floors.
4. We're officially getting moved to the Greenock church.
5. We clipped the cats' nails tonight.
6. I bought a handbag which was marked down from £30 to £9.
7. Scott has an exam on Saturday.

So, look, cut us some slack. Keep reading. Keep loving. Keep commenting. I know we aren't having a baby or moving to France or even getting a freaking haircut, but what can we say? We love you, our adoring audience, and miss you.

Ok, was that just the most shameful plea for comments ever? Yes, yes it was. So comment, for the love!

We really aren't this pathetic. At least Scott isn't.

Man, Myspace is really making me miss home. People at home, please don't forget me!! Lori. No, Lor-i. Yeah. No, not that one, the other one. Me. ... the bow-legged one. Yeah. What's yo name? Tamden, that sounds sexy. UH, here I go, here I go, here I go again!

Oh geez.

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