Monday, January 09, 2006

Lori, yes, a Runner.

The first step is doing it, ya'll.

And not giving up when you plan to do it, no matter what, ya'll.

Jenny and I, we persevered. Though it was 7°C (though "feels like 2°C" according to*, pitch black, rainy and violently windy (if you've ever lived near a great mass of water, you know what kind of wind I'm talking about), we went running anyway.

It was painful, I'm not gonna lie to you. My face was stinging, my teeth were sore, my eyes were burning, and my clothes were soaked through. My lungs felt like they were inhaling daggers, but we did it anyway. Oh yeah, and my piercing? Holy YEOW.

We didn't run for long, as we were concerned about my recent sickness and fearing a reoccurrence, but the fact that we went out and did it when we said we were going to gave me a huge amount of pride and determination. We are now praying for good weather on Friday, because we darn well deserve it.

Other completely unLori plans - I'm gonna run on my lunch break on Wednesdays. Carol runs on her lunch break, and Wednesdays are the day that Jamie plays football, leaving me without a lunch partner, so I don't have anything to do those days anyway. This will give me something positive and productive to do. Even if I run alone, it will feel good to know that's what I did for lunch instead of sitting alone in a coffee shop with a cafe mocha and a book (though I'll miss the book).

Speaking of lunch, I ate a plate full of steamed vegetables and a bowl of green pea soup today. Oh yeah, I've got the fever. We won't mention the slice of chocolate cake after though - it was a kind guesture of Carol to go steal the last slice before the maths teacher yoinked it. So I had no choice but to eat it. But I think had it been up to me, I actually would've gone with the fruit salad (withOUT the cream) because I was feeling powerful.

'Mon the health!

*That's 45°F and 36°F respectively.

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