Thursday, January 05, 2006

Pictures and Resolutions

Yes, even though I never follow them through, I've yet again made some New Year's resolutions. I post them here for posterity.

1. Get back to the old anal me.
This means basically, get myself together. For a year and a half I've lived in a pig-sty, and I can't take it any longer. I'm late to everything, and I forget to do things or put them off. What happened to everything being in its place? To doing things as soon as possible? What happened to those essays I wrote three weeks before they were due? (Ok, that only happened like once.) Anyway, the house is undergoing an organisation. I've created four boxes to put crap in, and I'm ready.

2. Get active.
This is a variation on the annual "Go on a diet" resolution. Instead, I plan to get out and get fit in the way God intended - badminton. Scott and I have "decided" to start swimming and playing badminton this year. And since my friend Jenny (pictured below) has decided to run the women's 10k in March or something, I may even go running with her. Heck, who knows, I may run the 10k, too! (Ok, I'm not fooling anyone.)

Now, onwards.

Even though I can't get comments, even through pictures, it doesn't hurt to try. Plus it looks nicer. So here are some pictures, with a bit of commentary.

First of all, here is proof that I am an XBOX Xpert. Ok, not Xpert, but I can play some mean Monkey Billiards.

Oh, and that's me, sick, in my new pj's sent from Amanda for Christmas. Yes, those are sock monkeys, in case you can't tell. Wow.

Also, here's proof that I have some friends. I have others, in fact, we just had Matthew and Cheryl over for dinner last night and had a great time. I just don't have any evidential proof. But anyway, Jenny, the one in the middle, is the coolest ever. She was Scott's first girlfriend, by the way, when they were like 10.

In fact, it was with Jenny that I yesterday got this...

(It's the top one, the tragus one. It's so rad.) She got one there, too.

Anyway, yeah, I just wanted to post some pictures. Moms love that kinda thing.

And yeah, so since I'm doing that, let me just say that MY CATS ARE THE CUTEST EVER. Ahem. Good night.

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