Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Odds and sods

(I had to check with Scott to make sure 'sods' wasn't a bad word, after the embarrassing 'bugger' debacle.)

1. I wimped out of running tonight. I think it's only right that I admit that because I know if I had run, I'd have bragged about it. But no, I opted for a night in, wearing pjs, messing about on my laptop. But I'm running tomorrow during lunch - that is, if I can get off my bum and go hang up my clothes that are in the wash so my running gear will be dry for tomorrow. (Blast having no dryer.)

2. Something is wrong with the security on my laptop. It won't let me sign into hotmail, yahoo mail, or msn messenger. I've been through the entire control panel to no avail.

3. I. Am. So. Sick. of. Special. K.

4. I don't know if you're allowed to do this, but here I go. Even though I am so. sick. of Special. K., it's doing the trick. Look at my trousers! Admittedly, they were never TIGHT on me, but look! Look at that extra room! And I've got four more days to go!
Special K Drop a Jeans Size

5. Hmm, while I'm at it, check out how long my hair is.
Long hairReally long hair

6. Ok and since we're looking at pictures, look how cute and emo Scott is.
Emo Scott
(Scott's not really emo, and I don't even know if this picture is emo, because the word 'emo' has no real definitive meaning.)

7. Um, my cats just hissed at each other and then bounded off together in search of new adventures. They are so weird.

8. Exactly seven weeks before I'm back in the US of A for a visit.

9. I've been busying myself with creating some designs, just for fun, for the practice, for t-shirts. I'll let you know if I come up with one I'm not uber-embarrassed about. I'm just feeling my way through Macromedia Freehand, so you know, it's a learning process. I'll never be a graphic designer, but on the other hand, it sure is fun to design graphics.

10. I think I just fell asleep from boredom from this post. I'll leave you with two links of blogs I love to read: VeryMom.com and Amalah.com. If you are a woman, mother and/or pregnant, you'll enjoy these. You may enjoy them if you are a man, father and/or not pregnant, this I don't know. But I'm just a woman, and I love these two blogs.

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