Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Reader Response

What do guys think about me chucking it all and going back to school to be a midwife?

**Addendum - 21:18**
I think I'll expound on this comment to better help myself work through these thoughts.

I've been interested in midwifery since back in the Kathy Hippietizing days. I considered enrolling in the midwifery school in Fayetteville, but that would've meant quitting university and I wasn't ready to do that. Then came Scott, etc etc and now here we are in Scotland.

But I'm so fed up with my job, it's unreal. SO FED UP. I can't explain why, I just am. So to console myself I started searching job ads but alas found nothing suitable. I began trolling college and university websites to check out their vacancies when the idea hit me to check out Paisley University's midwifery programme. This is where Scott is going to school currently. So I started reading all about it, and it seemed so possible. And what's more, so fun. And what's more, so worthwhile. Scott and I have chatted before about me training to be a midwife or doula later on after the kids have come, but now I just think, why wait? Sure, I'd feel like a more effective midwife had I already had a kid or two, but then, many midwives are just girls coming out of school. At any rate, I mentioned it to Scott and he was quite supportive of me giving it a shot, if it is possible. However, it's most likely NOT possible because I haven't been here 3 years, meaning I wouldn't get it paid for by the government, BUT I noticed a caveat in the elligibility criteria stating EU nationals' husbands or wives with migrant worker status may be elligible. It's a stretch, but that might be me.

So in essence, if I could get financial support, I could do it. It's a three year course, half theory half practical. I'd be in class half the week and in placements the other half. I'd be working in rural maternity wards as well as larger ones.

I think judging by how much I love All Things Pregnancy and how much research I love doing into the topic and how much I care that pregnant women get respectful and proper treatment, I might make an all right midwife.

By the way, I've so turned over to the homebirth-all-the-way side and as an NHS midwife in Britain, I'd love to be one of the few who actually promote it. But I think in the end, I'd have to go into independent practice because I've read far too many stories by now-independent-once-NHS midwives who just seriously couldn't take it.

Down with Pitocin, up with peace (dude)! (A rather pathetic reference to my hippiness. And by peace I mean peaceful births where things go like they should as opposed to how the doctor would like them to according to his holiday schedule.)

Anyway, we'll see what's possible. I kinda think it would be my other Dream Come True. (The other being getting my poetry published, which I am working a little bit harder on.)

**End Addendum**

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