Monday, January 23, 2006

Provisional License Holder, Whoo Whoo!

L PlateYeah, that's me, the holder of a bona fide provisional license - I can drive again! That is, with the company of another driver aged 21 or over with a valid license for over three years, and an L plate stuck to my car.

My theory test is booked for 11 February, and ya'll, I better pass it. Then I can book and take my practical, and watch out! Lori'll be back on the road.

*Mad props (yeah, I just said that, because I'm so freaking chuffed) to Jenny for giving me a lift home from work today! Nothing like friends who go to University just down the street from you.

And in far more important news...

Congratulations to my brother Danny and his fiancee Kristen - they've set the date! Everyone in the whole wide world is getting married. Congratulate the person beside you because chances are, s/he is getting married, too.

Kristen and Danny

(This is in no way meant to ostracise you if you are not getting married. I was just using hyperbole.)

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