Sunday, September 18, 2005


Afternoon all.

Today is Lori & I's Anniversary! She's put up with me for a whole year!

To celebrate, we went to a performance of Shakespeare's "A Winter's Tale" in the Theatre Royal. We were all fancily dressed, me in my suit and Lori in her little black dress. Nice. Although, no one else was dressed up really, so I felt a little overdressed. But Lori had fun.

The play itself was excellent. It was the last night of the run, I think, and the actors seemed really settled into the roles. It was extremely smoothly done. The only complaint I would have is the slightly ropey musical parts that were tacked on, but they weren't offputtingly bad.

Lori would be far better at telling you what was good and what wasn't, since I haven't actually read the play.

Tonight we shall head off for Pancho Villa, a Mexican restaurant in Glasgow. If they aren't booked solid, that is! But we have a back up plan of chimichangas if it doesn't work out. :).

Anyway, I'm having trouble writing in any sort of an interesting way, so I'll be off. I start uni tomorrow.

*bites nails*

Below is Lori's story of how we got together, in honour of our anniversary. It's a bit long, but it's cute so read it if you are so inclined.

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