Tuesday, September 13, 2005

100 Reasons Why I Love My Husband: 11-20

11. He sings to me constantly, making up the songs as he goes along.
12. He writes real songs for me and plays them on his guitar in bed.
13. After a fight, he always makes sure to heap loads of love on me to assure me that we are still going to be okay.
14. He's not too tough to cry in front of me.
15. He's beautifully sensitive and loving.
16. He needs me.
17. He makes up characters like the Invisible Monkeys and the Face Bug and then sicks them on me. (The Invisible Monkeys tickle and the Face Bug dances on your face and ears.)
18. He insists that I'm clever and compliments my work.
19. He held me last night as I cried over my cousin leaving for Iraq and prayed for him with me.
20. He buys me stuffed toys all the time. Even when I insist I have too many. He knows I don't mean it.

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