Friday, September 23, 2005

100 Things I Love About My Husband: 31-40

I realised I ought to change the name of these lists. These aren't reasons WHY I love my husband. I can't say WHY I do, I just do. I do because I can't help myself. I do because of everything, I just love him. But I can easily say what kind of things I love ABOUT him. [By the way, blogger just deleted #31-39 so hopefully I can remember what all I just wrote.]

31. He doesn't mind that I like crap music. (By the way, he just bought me the Ultimate Disney Princesses soundtrack, which made me so happy.)
32. He doesn't have JLS [Jealous Lover Syndrome].
33. He has a nice bum.
34. He always puts me first, above himself.
35. He is faithful.
36. He encourages me to go out with friends; he doesn't try to keep me all to himself. He knows how much I need friends. Cyndi Lauper would be proud. ("I want to be a girl who walks in the sun!")
37. *Censored* This blog is rated PG-13. ;)
38. He let me decorate our bedroom in pink and lavendar. (I included brown to make it a bit more masculine, though. A bit.)
39. Of all the barbecues he could've bought at Homebase, he came home with the pink one for me.
40. He is hilarious.

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