Friday, September 16, 2005

100 Reasons Why I Love My Husband: 21-30

21. He's the sexiest, most handsome man I know.
22. He can (and does) grow a most fascinating and satisfactory beard.
23. He knows (or for the time being, is familiar with) like seven different programming languages.
24. If I ask him any random question about anything, he seems to always know the answer - from "What kind of bird is that?" to "Explain Einstein's theory of relativity again?" to "What is 00100011 in binary supposed to mean?" (I made up that number. I don't know binary. It's like Scott always says: "There are 10 kinds of people in the world- those who know binary and those who don't." I vaguely get it.)
25. He can do maths in his head. Basically the man is just a genius.
26. He is just the perfect size and shape for spooning.
27. He can admit when he is wrong and is not too proud to say he's sorry.
28. He is a credobaptist, non-cessationist Calvinist. :)
29. In Bible studies and in conversations about theology, I can trust that he won't say anything off topic or out of turn about Calvinism, because he is well-past any kind of "Cage Stage"*. (I don't yet trust myself.)
30. He really loves me.

*The "Cage Stage" is what we call a person who has reformed and thus goes about preaching Calvinism more relentlessly than he preaches, say, the Gospel, because he has been so "enlightened" by this new concept, and therefore ought to be put in a cage. By the way, Arminians can have a Cage Stage, too *cough Gavin*.

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