Monday, September 12, 2005

100 Reasons Why I Love My Husband: 1-10

I've detected an unsatisfactory negativeness in myself lately and in life and in love. Everywhere I look it seems I only see unhappiness, deceit and treachery. I've been made starkly aware lately that "everyone" cheats on their spouse, that "no one" stays married, that lasting happiness in marriage is just a mirage for the naive, and it's been wearing me down something awful. No one seems to know marital bliss anymore; it's all marital blisters. And I've been hardpressed to find any sort of marital Blistex on the market, so I'm joining forces with the many others (the ringleader being The Happy Husband) who have embarked on this endeavour to plough through the marital blizzard and tell you 100 Reasons I Love My Husband. As these others have done, I will go 10 at a time, to save your interest and my ability to be thorough.

1. He loves Jesus.
2. He believes it is important to ground his beliefs in the Bible and not culture or tradition.
3. He loves to eat anything I cook.
4. Instead of throwing my stuffed toys off the bed when he is ready to sleep, he carefully sets them aside in a comfortable sitting position.
5. He tells me I look beautiful and sexy literally every day. Even when I'm sick.
6. In the most unlikely of times, he will take my hands and start dancing a jig with me to whatever song is or isn't playing at the time.
7. He drinks Guinness, not Stella or Bud.
8. He thinks I'm funny.
9. He thinks I'm an amazing poetess.
10. The way he looks closely at me with his big brown eyes when I am sad makes me feel like no one in the whole evil world could ever break in between us and hurt me.

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