Thursday, September 29, 2005

Since we last spoke...

1. Amanda has advised me that I start calling football "soccer" on my blog so the Americans aren't confused and think I'm one of these people who like American football. We both expressed tonight how much we don't like the kind of people who like American football, and she fears people might get a similar impression of me. However, we both also agreed that people who like "soccer" are completely different and completely suitable. So I will, for my reputation's sake, call the football "soccer" here in this following paragraph:

Rangers lost last night to Inter Milan. It was a devestating result BUT not as bad as we all expected, to be fair. They could've killed us. I was betting on a 4-nil defeat. Instead, they just beat us 1-0, and their one goal was an unlucky (for us) deflected shot which was seriously just a freak accident. But luck wasn't all on their side - they missed a penalty kick that they so should've gotten except it hit the goalpost and shot back. Crazy.

(I had a LOT to say about the game earlier today at work, but for your sakes, it's probably good that blogger access is now denied me at work, or you'd all be hearing about what great defense we played the whole first half and how through the second half we just lost it completely and McLeish really should've subbed some guys in much earlier than THE LAST SEVEN MINUTES. I also didn't have to say soccer in that whole paragraph.)

2. Lots of cool things have been happening at the Second-to-Last House in Greenock that we haven't been able to document, with my camera still exiled to American soil. But one thing that ought to be mentioned: I got one of these. It's so cool.

3. I've also been delving into the wonderful world of flash. Previews of my animation prowess to be up soon.

4. More about the football/soccer. Emily and I went to the pub with Scott and Graeme to watch the game, and I think we both felt a bit of pressure being the only two girls in the pub. Well, there was another with her boyfriend/husband/brother but they left at halftime. I tried not to embarrass my husband, which he swears I didn't. But Emily- man, that girl knows her football! She made me proud.

5. We got our school pictures back today. Digital version to follow. I can't wait to send a 3x5 to my grandma and mother. I look so... in school.

6. Due to the dismal weather and lack of sunlight that is perpetrating my soul, I have made proactive measures to ensure my sanity this winter. I dyed my hair. Now before my mother tears her hair out, I just slightly dyed it. It's a very light but warm shade of red. It's more a strawberry blonde. Granted, the picture on the box was a lot redder, but even the box picture wasn't dark. So don't fear, I haven't turned to the dark side (pun intended), but I did feel that a bit of colour was what I needed to fight the winter blues. And so far it's worked. I like seeing my hair have a bit of colour. It's like a tan in summertime. Except it's FREAKING COLD.

7. It's freaking cold. I wore a scarf and gloves today but my ears froze so tomorrow I'm pulling out the old wooly hat. It's September, what?

8. I'm meeting my favourite Edinburgher on Saturday in Glasgow. We're gonna drink root beer at A&W and go Christmas window shopping and look at baby stuff (cos she's knocked up) and go to the Pram Centre. That is, if her gestating self can handle all the excitement. We may just sit in A&W and chit-chat for a million hours over a million root beers.

9. I think I have friends. I think. Outlook good. Signs point to yes.

10. I had a magnificent conversation with my best friend tonight on the phone. We haven't talked in ages, and we had so much catching up to do. It was great. I'm working on getting her to move here. Everyone would love her. Most of all me. She's the best.

11. I meant to stop at 10, but I just thought I'd mention that Scott's beard is like six feet long.

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