Friday, September 30, 2005

Website Issues

As you can see, we are working on a new bit o' fanciness on our blog. Unfortunately (as you can also see) we can't get the daggum Flash movie to stop looping. So to keep yourself from being totally annoyed, right click on the Flash image and unclick the Loop. Sorry. It's 1:45 and I'm tired of trying.

We'll hopefully get it all fully functional (with the links back up, too) this weekend.

(Working between home and work, with different versions of the Macromedia Suite is a serious pain. I'm too tired to even link to Macromedia. Look it up if you care.)

Oh yeah, and this updo is in honour of our one year anniversary in the Second-to-Last House in Greenock. One year ago today, we moved into this ol' place. The new pictures (which yes, I drew, ahem, with my new graphics tablet) and the fancy (but steadily annoying the pooh out of me) Flash video are to celebrate a year in Scotland. A whole year.

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