Monday, September 26, 2005

RENT the movie

Ok, this is freaking amazing. My friend Devon told me about this but I didn't 100% believe it could be possible until I saw for myself.

Ya'll, (this is so good, I'm saying YA'LL), this is my favourite, absolute favourite musical EVER. Ok, it's so good, I don't even care if I sound like a teenybopper fanzine, I LOVE RENT.

It opens in the US in November. UNFORTUNATELY it won't be released in the UK until FEBRUARY 2006. That's like A MILLION YEARS AWAY. I can't WAIT. This is one movie I will see in the cinema like 20 million times and then buy on dvd and watch a million times every week. This is amazing. I've got tears in my eyes because I know how beautiful this story is and how intense the music is and in February I want EVERYONE TO COME SEE IT WITH ME. I LOVE THIS MORE THAN THE FOOTBALL. I am so excited.

Go to the website and listen to the music and watch the trailers and everything. Wow. Wow.

(When I'm less worked up I'll tell you ALL about RENT.)

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