Monday, August 04, 2003

The countdown has begun. I have only a measley 3 days left here in the wonderful world of Scotland. Yesterday I had to speak in front of the church in Port Glasgow where all my friends go about what I did in Wales. I was so nervous all through the praise and worship time. Then when Alec got up to ask me to come forward I thought I'd pass out. But it was okay. I spoke for a decent amount of time and I don't think I said anything too stupid. I did however accidentally flip off the entire church while I talked. I have a habit of talking with two fingers and thats the equivalent of the finger over here. No one noticed, I don't think.

So this morning Pete and Scott and I went for a "pub lunch." Vodka at 2 in the afternoon! Classy. It was nice, I had spaghetti and a Smirnoff Ice, then Scott and I shared the most exquisite chocolate fudge cake with vanilla ice cream in the entire west of Scotland. Niiice.

Tomorrow I am going for my second castle of my stay in the UK. I went to Cardiff Castle while in Wales, tomorrow I'm going to Stirling Castle. Then... dum da da dum! I'm going to see Bright Eyes! I know what you're thinking. "Sure Lori, just like you were going to Arab Strap and Yo La Tengo." But no really, the tickets are booked and paid for (Thanks Scott) and we are GOING. Postal Service was originally booked to play with Bright Eyes which had me all excited but now its gonna be Rosie Thomas or someone, I've heard of her, I think, maybe she'll be good. Either way, its a show. Finally.

And other than that, not much else is gonna happen. Wednesday night we're all going over to Rob and Lewi's for a sort of self-proclaimed going away party, it'll be nice to see everyone one last time.

And then, Thursday, HOME!

And then, Monday, WORK!


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