Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Workin' 9 to 5
Just when you think you're starting to catch up, you always find some huge project lurking in the shadows.

Like earlier this week. I thought I had about 5-8 reports to work on. I thought "Ok... whew... all right, I can have these done by the end of the week." Then I opened an email and realized I had more like 25 or so.

Then yesterday I remembered that I have to enter all projects into the Project Management System. (PMS? Is that just a coincedence?) Whew! That takes forever! "I'll be working on this for a while," I thought.

But today I realized I'd actually at least started each of the reports that have been requested. That made me feel better. And I finished entering my projects into my PMS. Then I opened another email, subject "These are requests that were completed. Please put these in the Projex system." Sigh. "Well," methinks, "I have another two hours. I can get a good chunk of these entered, since they've already been completed." I send the email to the printer, so I can more easily enter the projects.

The printer printed out 154 pages.

Of reports to be entered.

So that's the way work's been going. I know, I know, writing about my job isn't the coolest thing to do. And reading it's gotta be worse. But hey, this is my journal. I write to let off steam. You read because you're pathetic.

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