Thursday, August 28, 2003

Calling All Pray-ers(as opposed to prayers themselves)

Ok, if you read this and you pray, please consider saying a prayer for me. This schedule this semester is HELL. Its only the first week (not even the end of the first week) and I'm already overloaded. I have to take a finite math test (on my own time, which I have none of) sometime before next Tuesday, but before I can take that, I have to finish the homework, but the program won't work on my computer so I have to find more outside of class time to go to the computer lab to work on the homework. But before I can complete the homework, I have to go through every single problem and get them right, or else the program makes me start over (AFTER I've completed it and it tells me what I did wrong) and do all the problems again. But before I can start the problems, I have to first complete the questions, same rule, gotta get em all right before proceeding.

I also have to finish Richard II by tomorrow and read for History of English Literature. I have to get finished with my Folk/Pop book, Singing in Zion.

And then I have an art project due Wednesday. I have no time to work on it. How am I supposed to be creative, when I'm so freaking busy?

I need help. I need prayer. I need Jesus to get through this semester. Let's not even mention (as I go on to mention) the stress of being away from Scott and wishing every day I could just see his face or give him a hug. Talking on the phone every few days doesn't cut it. The truth is, this semester is just horrible. I can't even look forward to it being over because as Bullingsbrook said in Richard II "the apprehension of the good Gives but the greater feeling to the worse."

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