Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Mon weekend was tres gentil. But mes courses SUCK! This weekend kicked off with a drink with my gay ex-boyfriend at Common Grounds, quickly followed up by the Aqueduct show at JRs. That was a good time but I won't write about it- I'll just forward you to Chris's blog where he talks about the show. I came home from the show shattered (tired, not drunk) but called Scott in Scotland anyway. It may have been 3am my time but it was 9 his. We talked for two hours then I slept for two hours and got back up to meet Kathy and Ashlea at Panera for some breakfast and Jesus talk. Then I went to Target and bought my new bedclothes- a bright blue comforter, yellow sheets, and a soft baby blue body pillow. Mmm happy sleepytime place. I guess I don't remember anything else about Saturday... Sunday was good, I had a great time at church. It was totally alive. Sunday night I went to JRs with Jessica and we played all 80s songs on the jukebox.

BUT THEN, Monday I got up, went to class at 8:30 and thus began the hardest semester of my life. Folk and Popular Music Traditions is gonna rock (no pun intended), Communications will be easy, Shakespeare will be interesting but a lot of work, History of Literature in English is gonna be totally boring and frustrating, Finite Math is gonna kick my butt, Finite Math Drill is gonna bring me to tears, and finally I'll wrap up the looong day with Art Studio where I'll get to unwind to some headphone music and just draw.

Then the next day I'll go to work for 8 hours then the next day I'll go back to school then the next day I'll work 8 hours, then the next day I'll go back to school AND work......

Jesus, please get me through!!! Make Christmas come faster than it ever has before!!!

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