Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Another Dream

I dreamed last night that my friends talked me into going out with them last night and that we all got drunk on absinthe. Then the next day, Ingrid came in and said "Are all you girls still asleep?" and I mumbled "What time is it?" and she told me it was 10 til 6 - in the evening. I freaked out because I'd missed work, and I ran over to the answering machine to check the messages and the first two were from my boss. The first said "Lori? It's 9:30, where are you? We're all waiting on you." Then next said "Lori, if you are not here by 11:30, YOU'RE FIRED!" I was so upset, I was running all over the house yelling at everyone for insisting I go out and for letting me get drunk and get fired. All Amanda had to say was, "I got a job at a florist..."

Also included in the dream was the UGC in Glasgow, Scott as a 30 yr old bald guy in tight jeans and converse all-stars, a strange elevator that turned into gliding stairs like something out of Super Mario Bros, and a big sleep over in the back room of a church (where I do believe the absinthe was being partaken.)

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