Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Let's Get Crunk Cause Lori's Back

Let's Get Crunk Cause Lori's Back

Well, I've been back for several days now. It's Tuesday, I flew into Tulsa on Thursday. I'm back at work, starting to get back into the swing of things. The requests are piling high and my energy is running low. My attention span is better today, I've gotten several reports started.

And now I'm entering back into another worktime ritual: blogging.

I have so many stories. I'll just share a few.

The Fanciest First Date Ever-by Lori Arnold
When I was in Scotland, Scott took me on the most incredible date I've ever been on. We got dressed up all smart and went down to a little Italian Cafe. I was wearing a pretty white dress and he was wearing a dress shirt and nice trousers. When we stepped inside, the waitress took our coats and seated us at our table. The table was decorated with fancy napkins, silverware and a candle. We were given an appetizer of spiced green olives. We ordered our food (the one thing Scott forgot to do was order for me. But I forgave him. He did so good in every other respect.) and Scott ordered a bottle of Chardonnay. The waitress brought it out, showed us the label like they do in the movies, and poured a bit into Scott's glass for him to taste. He tasted it, told her it was "lovely" and she poured both of our glasses. Then she brought out a bucket with a towel and placed the bottle in the bucket. It was so fancy I could barely eat. We used our table manners and tried to talk about fancy things but mostly just gushed over the fancy service. After we ate, we finished the wine while playing footsie under the table and holding hands over it. He paid the bill, and I took his arm and that was the date. I suppose it sounds less amazing when I recount it that way, but it was lovely and romantic and I had the best time. I've never felt like such a lady. (Not to mention such a kid. I know the waitress must have been laughing at herself at two kids coming in, playing grownups.)

Let's see... another story...
I saw Bright Eyes and Rosie Thomas in Glasgow and Connor is a total douchbag.

And so I guess really I don't have a whole lot more to say. I need to do a lot of stuff this week, I need to see a lot of people, I need to spend some good time in prayer. I need to pick up my pictures today from Wal-Mart. Yay! Pictures come in today! High five for Jesus!

Chris L and Dustin, I want to see you guys. Soon. Joshua, Kristen, Taylor, Judah, I want to see you guys- some day. I'm planning on going to Dallas in October to see Built to Spill. I will grace your homes then. Taylor, come visit in Fayetteville.

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