Saturday, August 02, 2003

Hiya! Today was a good day. Oh yes, quite nice. I went to Edinburgh for the day and did some very fun touristy things. For starters, I took a picture of a guy in a kilt playing bagpipes in Glasgow. Then in Edinburgh I did some shopping, looked at lots of tartans, and drank an Irn Bru. There is a festival going on down there right now called the Fringe so there were lots of street performers. I got some nice touristy pics. I bought a few souvenirs for a few of my lovely friends and I bought myself some things as well. We went to a Ben Folds Five musical called "Steven's Last Night in Town." It was entertaining. Then we went to the Edinburgh Dungeon and got splattered by a dummy with leprosy... Hehe. It was a fun fun day.

And well I guess there's not much more going on. I have to talk in their church tomorrow in Port Glasgow about my trip to Wales, I'm mega nervous about it but I guess I'll just deal with it. Jesus loves me, this I know, so he will help me speak.

See my Arkansan loved ones in less than a week!

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