Thursday, August 28, 2003

Lori's Late Night Encounters With Death

Last night I dreamed it was the middle of the summer and all the students were out of the dorms and it was my job to clean out the rooms. All the rooms were filled with stuff that the kids didn't take home, tvs, sleeping bags, etc. And cars. I was working with Andrew Rudd and Todd Gill on this endeavor. We were on the 15th floor or something, pretty high up, and there was this roof that we could go on and there we piled all the junk. And parked all the cars. Our job was to shove all the stuff over the side of the building, including the cars, to be picked up and cleaned away. Andrew said he had learned how to shove the cars off the roof. One person had to push, and another had to sit in the drivers side of another car and back out in neutral. With the car the person was driving, you had to bump into the other car three times and it would fall over. Andrew insisted I get in the car "for the thrill." I freaked out. I was in the backseat of the bumping car and Todd was driving and Andrew was pushing. I could feel the back wheels of our car go over the side and I closed my eyes and prayed and prayed and prayed that we wouldn't fall over, too. We didn't. The car behind me flew over the edge, and the boys pulled our car back up. I said I didn't want to try that anymore and I got out, praying that they would be safe doing such a dangerous thing. Well, somewhere along the lines, Andrew turned into Felicity Porter and Todd turned into Noel Crane. In the dream, I hated Felicity for some reason but when I saw her pushing the car and Noel driving, I got very nervous and prayed for them. But I had a bad feeling so I watched, praying. I saw the car tip over the side with the backwheels like it was supposed to... then it tipped back too far. Felicity grabbed for Noel and caught him but she couldn't lift him up. He grabbed for the side of the roof and she pulled on him to pull him back up. He was almost all the way back up when she lost her grip and he fell, plummeting off the side of a 15 story building. Felicity went hysterical and I ran over to her to try and help her. She was crying about how she killed Noel and all this stuff and I was holding her head to me tightly as I screamed, running to find a phone to call an ambulance.

I remember saying to Felicity "This has to be a dream. This has to be a dream. Cars can't get parked on top of buildings. Where am I really? Where was I a few minutes ago?" I was trying desperately to realize I was sleeping. But I couldn't come up with any evidence for myself so I realized it wasn't a dream and she really had killed Noel.

But then, I said "But wait, Noel comes back in the third and forth seasons. He marries Natalie, remember?" Then Felicity got this really serious look and said, "Oh, so you know about the other seasons? Yeah, well see next season we find out that Noel didn't die. A homeless man sewed up his skin and he was ok." I said, "You mean the fall didn't smash his brains out?" and she said "No, it was a miracle." So I said "So that's why you're not freaking out as much as you should be." She was like "Yeah."

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