Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Special Delivery

Yesterday I felt like having a short afternoon so I decided to take my lunch at 1:00. Then I could be back at 2 and only have 3 hours left of the day. I had originally intended to pack my lunch and eat at the office, but I'd forgotten to pack one. So at 1:00 I rushed over to mattress store and paid off the rest of my bed and then headed home for some quick lunch. The traffic was terrible, and I didn't get back to the apartment until 1:35. I knew I was gonna be late coming back to work. I put some corndogs in the oven and sat down to watch some cartoons to pass the time. The doorbell rang. I was a little nervous. I was home alone, and I knew there were some questionable characters outside working on the lawn (the kind who look you up and down when you walk by and say things like "Mmm, he-eyy. Hola, baby.") I peeked through the hole and saw a harmless looking old man. I opened the door slightly and the man said, "Are you Lori?" In his left hand was a clipboard. In his right was a rose. I gave him a wild grin and said yes I am. He gave me the rose, and I knew exactly who it was from. I thanked him, shut the door, and eagerly read the card. "I miss you lots, Scott."

God works in interesting ways. If I had just packed my lunch, or gone to lunch when I usually do, I would have missed the surprise. It wouldn't have been so special if I'd gotten a little "Sorry we missed you" card, or if one of my roommates had to pick it up. It made my day. I went back to work ecstatic.

I received a special delivery from Scotland. From a wonderful boy named Scott. Funny how things change. I'm floating on air.

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