Friday, October 05, 2012

ODP Day 5: Glam Time

I am currently sitting in my pajamas under the covers of a comfortable double bed in our lovely hotel room in Pitlochry. Scott and I (plus Jaguar) are away for a belated anniversary getaway.

I felt rather OTT (over the top) in my outfit today. I knew this is what I wanted to wear tonight to dinner and nearly wore something different for daytime, but I just didn't want to waste two outfits on one day! So I went ahead and dressed for evening in the morning. I felt cute until I arrived at the school and realised I was a little bit fancy for the school run. Then I took Jaguar to a toddler group and felt even more overdressed. But I felt nice at dinner just there! (Leek and potato soup starter, goats cheese tomato and basil tart main and toffee sponge dessert!)

Today I wore the dress, a fat red belt, red heels (old but favourites), black leggings and a black ribbon tied around my neck like a cat. My hair has been three different ways today, as appropriate: down, a side ponytail and a bun. The earrings, described by Scott as 'some earrings', are my favourite at the moment. Why I decided to wear my glasses today instead of contacts, though, I cannot explain.


In an effort to save money, I've been thinking about starting 'No-Spend Weekends'. This is an awful weekend to start it, seeing as we are away, and it's not really possible, but I'm going to try it out next week. Really, I should just have as many No-Spend days as possible, through the week too, but I like the whole rhyming thing... Basically, I'm going to challenge myself to not spend any money at all on these days. This is hard for me. Not many days go by where I haven't spent SOMETHING, whether it be a litre of milk, or a sausage roll when I've missed breakfast, or a 'bargain' picked up while wandering through town. Yesterday, I tried to attempt a No-Spend day but ran out of toilet paper. Yet the idea is a good one for me, as it forces me to really think about what I'm about to pay for -- do I really need this?

This weekend all bets are off though - except for the dress. Scott and I are looking forward to distillery tours, The Enchanted Forest and a massage in the hotel spa. Happy 8th to us!

We are taking part in the October Dress Project in support of Macmillan Cancer Support. Please consider donating to our cause.

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