Sunday, October 07, 2012

ODP Day 7: Fussy Baby, Quick Post

As much as I'd love to tell you about my day in detail, I've got a crying baby who won't cheer up no matter what (not even happy on the boob!) so I'll make this quick.

Highlights of the day: Awesome massage in the hotel spa this morning, yummy cooked breakfast, and saw The Perks of Being a Wallflower in the cinema (excellent film, though I couldn't tell you about the ending because Jaguar decided to start crying right at the critical moment and wouldn't stop, so I had to leave the theatre and every time I tried to go back in, he'd burst back into tears).

Now we are home, Cal has had his bath, my daughters are back from their grandparents' house and are tucked snugly in their beds, and I'm about to lie down with my fussy infant and try to feed him to sleep while watching my catch-up episodes of Glee and How I Met Your Mother (on the computer, not the TV!)

Oh, and my October Dress Project ensemble for today? The dress tucked into some low rise jeans - genius, by the way, don't have to worry about builder's bum! - a white tank top under the dress, my tartan shoes again with a grey tweed hat and three wooden necklaces I bought in Pitlochry.

We are taking part in the October Dress Project in support of Macmillan Cancer Support. Please consider donating to our cause.

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