Friday, October 12, 2012

ODP Day 12: Thrifting!

Today, I am donning the (according to Scott) 'gypsy' look ('But in a good way!' he added). I'm wearing the dress, with a green t-shirt underneath, my trio of wooden-bead necklaces, a green and orange head scarf that was given to me my freshman year of college by a really sweet girl who was my Bible Study group leader, a leather belt, lime green footless tights, my oddly couture Versace socks (I have no idea why I have Versace socks) and my new orange shoes purchased recently from a charity shop in town.

My earrings were (I think) made by a woman called Sylvia from one of my amateur drama clubs. They match the scarf pretty much perfectly.

This morning at school was Fifi's Harvest Thanksgiving Festival. It was a lovely performance done by the pupils, and the Gaelic kids sang 'Down to the River' in Gaelic for it.

Well, at least, I assume it was lovely; parents weren't allowed to attend. Don't EVEN get me started on how upset I was over this. (I'll maybe get started another day and tell you all about how I respectfully approached the Head Mistress to ask her about this, and she completely dismissed me and was very visibly annoyed with being approached about it and ended up being very rude which resulted in me telling her that unfortunately the school was giving off the impression that parents are not welcome and she just said, unmoved, 'I'm sorry you feel that way'.... oh don't GET ME STARTED!)

Anyway, so all this meant was that I had a free day since I'd cancelled my toddlers group for it (because I ASSUMED parents were invited to the school's FIRST EVER SHOW), and since Scott's parents were picking up Lolly from nursery, I and my friend Heather who is also doing the project headed up to Glasgow for some quality thrift store shopping. (Here is Heather, in her dress, with black tights, a purple scarf, pink slip-on shoes and a pink corduroy blazer. Cute!)

In Glasgow, we found tons of charity shops to sift through, and I had to hold myself back from buying so much. Especially when we found a Retro and Vintage shop that was INCREDIBLE and FULL of stuff I desperately wanted, but I managed to refrain. I came home with a small handful of good stuff that I'm pleased with, that will help me accessorise the rest the month away.

Heather was perhaps not so lucky, but then, she was being a bit picky! She still managed a couple of scarves and a belt, and we both went home with cute fingerless gloves for all four of our collective daughters. And we both had a really love soup and sandwich in an 'American' diner for lunch. (It called itself 'American' but then served haggis on a burger... nah.)

We had a good day. I love hanging out with Heather; she's one of my best friends, and I always enjoy spending time with her. Jaguar was excellent for us too. He slept in his pram most of the time, had a quick feed and nappy change at lunch, and was all smiles for the most part, despite the rain and the cold!

Oh, and also, I'm pleased to report my new shoes didn't get ruined in the rain at all. SO THANKFUL. I love these shoes. They are the perfect colour for Autumn. (They are also the colour of my dream car. I will one day have an orange car.)

We are taking part in the October Dress Project in support of Macmillan Cancer Support. Please consider donating to our cause.

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