Tuesday, October 09, 2012

ODP Day 9: Gaelic

No time tonight for chit chat. Tuesdays are my Seriously Busy Days (I love random capitalization, it's so Emily Dickinson), with school run in the morning, mother & toddler group, nursery run, school run, tap dancing, Gaelic class and Craft Night. Fit in fixing school lunch, home lunch and dinner, not to mention express a bottle of milk for Jaguar for while I'm at my class tonight, and there is not a lot of time to blog.

Not a lot of time for photos either. I wasn't ready this morning by the time Scott left for work, so I had my lovely friend Maria take a photo of me this afternoon in her garden. The 'posed' shots were rather unflattering, so I opted for this accidental one which somehow is much more flattering.

So today I'm wearing the dress with a red tank underneath, red tights, black wedge boots and a long grey cardigan. I've left my hair down (with my bad fringe pinned back) and a black headband.

Now I've got to rush to put the kids in bed and then run off to my Gaelic class. Oidhche mhath!

We are taking part in the October Dress Project in support of Macmillan Cancer Support. Please consider donating to our cause.

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