Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Chore Schedule

Thanks for all the advice from folks to my SAHM Guilt post. My aunt recommended, and I believe a few others seconded, making a chore schedule. I've been told by many a mother that they are invaluable, but I just couldn't get around to organising one.

Well, I finally did it, and wouldn't you know, it's made a world of difference! I started it on Monday, and I already feel so much more organised. Because I know I only have certain things I must do each day, I feel compelled to do them fully without worrying about the rest of the house. Pretty much I was just doing a half-assed job of all the chores rather than properly doing any of them.

So today I tidied the bedrooms and cleaned the bathroom. It felt good. I was able to put Fifi in her old cradle, which has not yet been dismantled, with a toy and get down to business organising her stuff. I put away clothes she's outgrown, pulled out clothes she might now fit in and put her books in the shelf. I still need to hoover her room, but I figure I can do that tomorrow on Hoover Day.

Yesterday was Tidy the Living Room day. I didn't quite get it to the level of tidy I'd have liked, but it's getting closer. The main reason is because I have my art stuff all spread out on the coffee table and don't want to put it away since I'm still using it. The clay models I'm making for Lorna and Justin's wedding are very much in-progress, and I'm working on them a little nearly every day, so putting that stuff away would just be frustrating. Once they are completed, I'll be able to get the living room looking better. And it felt good yesterday to get my hands in some dishwater and get some pans and casserole dishes scrubbed and put away. Ahh. Organisation. And Fifi is at a lovely stage where she is happy to entertain herself with toys for a good amount of time, but she can't yet crawl and get away. Soon this stage will be replaced with Mobile Baby stage, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

She's sleeping right now, and my chores are done. Maybe this will even mean more future blogging!

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