Monday, May 21, 2007

TV, Discipline, Nappies and More

I've got loads of useless, unimportant stuff to tell you about!

I have become unashamedly addicted to Lost. As I mocked my mom for watching religiously each week while I was visiting, I accidently became addicted myself. I mean, what IS the Dharma Initiative all about? So Scott and I rented Season 1 Part 1 on Saturday... and were finished with the first 12 episodes by Sunday. I went back (on Sunday) to rent Part 2, but it was checked out! I called again today, but it's still checked out. And they don't carry it at the Blockbuster in Gourock. So I bought it. I ordered the Complete first season on Amazon. It should be here in 1-2 days. I honestly cannot wait.

This is the reason we don't buy a TV license. We'd end up doing nothing but watch TV.

NUMERO ... TWO (How do you spell 'dos'?)
I've been reading The Discipline Book by Dr Sears. I'm finding it really interesting and helpful. Not that disciplining Fifi is where we are just yet, but it's helpful to start thinking ahead about how we will deal with situations and what kind of consequences are appropriate for different behaviours. It's also interesting the way it separates simply annoying but harmless behaviours from bad behaviours. It helps put things in perspective. It's also motivating me to start limiting myself and put away bad habits. After all, little monkeys see, little monkeys do. (No more second helping of ice cream... maybe no more ice cream? No, that's taking things too far.)

Since Fifi outgrew her cloth nappies (at three months!) which were supposed to last her about six months, we've had to order new ones. Thanks, by the way, to all the people back home who helped us towards our 'Nappy Fund'. We were able to order all the nappies we'll need for a while (I hope). Last time I went totally Tots Bots, but this time I experimented a bit; I ordered five Tots Bots Bamboozles, two P'tits Dessous nappies, six Wonderoos by Hip Hip Baby and six Fuzzi Bunz. It's kinda exciting. And they have all arrived now, so as soon as we finish off this last pack of disposables (I think there are about three left), we'll get started on the new cloth. Which reminds me, I need to hang the ones in the wash up to dry.

Today I met with one of the art teachers at the school to get some tips on using modeling clay. I'm going to make a wedding cake topper for my friend Lorna's wedding. I bought a granite tabletop to work on and a rolling pin. I plan to start on it this week. I kinda meant to start tonight, but it's 8.15 already... don't think that'll happen. But I'm looking forward to it now. If it turns out well, I'm going to include that option as a part of my business.

Fifi is taking part in a study. It's a study trying to determine how much energy an exclusively breastfed baby gets from breast milk and if it's enough still at six months. If anyone in Scotland has a baby under three months who intends to breastfeed exclusively to six months, you might consider taking part. The researcher is having trouble finding people who intend to exclusively breastfeed for that long, which is a shame. It's only six months! But none of my Cage Stage preaching for now.

Okay, well, I think that's about all I've got for now. Fifi is making mega-cute noises right now, and she's begging to be picked up (kicking her legs, squealing and frowning), so I'm going to go oblige her and give her the added bonus of oogles of hugs and kisses!

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