Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Reading Lessons

I was filling out a baby questionnaire, and it asked lots of questions about how long my baby will look at pictures in books, and even though Fifi is only three months old, I got to feeling guilty that she only looks at books for a couple of minutes before losing interest, so I've been reading at least one book a day to her since.

[Awesome completely grammatically-correct non-run-on sentence above.]

She's actually really enjoying her cloth books, but the problem is she can't hold onto it long enough. Then she gets upset when she drops it. So today I used the velcro to rig it to her swing.

It's working.

I like seeing Fifi turn pages in her books. I like seeing her eyes light up when she sees new pictures on the different pages. I like seeing her try to eat her books.

By the way, and totally off the subject, it's National Breastfeeding Week. I'll maybe talk about that later on. (I just needed a way to end this post without waxing 'poetic' about reading to children... blah blah.)

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