Monday, May 14, 2007

Home and Away

Important Notice:
We have arrived back home all in one piece and with all our luggage. We almost didn't make it home with Fifi when I lost her plane ticket... but that's too stressful to talk about right now so I'll save that story for later.

Fifi and I slept for several hours yesterday afternoon which screwed her up for nighttime... I think she managed to drop off around 1 or 2 last night. Luckily Scott slept through it, as he had to be at work this morning. She's slept a bit today during the day, but I'm hoping she'll be a bit more on schedule by tonight. The late-setting-early-rising sun isn't helping much though.

This morning I noticed Scott's wedding ring on the sink. He always takes it off to do his hair, and I always tease him about losing it or not loving me. I considered this morning hiding it and seeing if he panics, but then I remembered an episode of I Love Lucy that I just watched and decided against it, lest it get mixed in with concrete or hamburgers.

I miss Arkansas, but I'm glad to be home. I really do love Scotland. If I could have my family and friends here in Scotland, it would be perfect. But I can't so I have to accept the bittersweet mixed feelings of being whichever place I am.

I'm really glad to have the river back.

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