Saturday, May 26, 2007

Praying For A Baby

An old friend commented on my blog. I followed the link to her site and read this:

'Please join us in praying for Keylor again. She has Lyme Disease and it looks as though it is already progressing into her nuerological system. This thing is bad and can cause positively horrid things, including -but not limited to- paralysis, palsy & heart problems. Thing is, those usually only show up in the final stages of the disease, but because of the location of the tick bite (on the back of her shoulder, close to her spine) it is affecting those areas first. The doc put her on one antibiotic and thought it would kill the disease right off, but it hasn't. Apparently once it hits the nerves, only one drug will do it. Unfortunately, the needed drug is very risky and should NEVER be prescribed for children under 8 (she's 2), unless the risks of the disease outweigh the problems caused by the meds. This is rediculous. Our God saves and is a Healer. He adores her and cherishes my baby girl far more than I can imagine. Please pray for complete healing and no drug-induced side effects. THANK YOU!'

Please join us all in prayer if you pray.

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