Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cinco de Mayo...

Let me first say this: Driving in America is taking your life into your hands each time you get out on the roads. I've had so many near collisions due to morons pulling out in front of me or talking on their cell phones. And I can't find the horn on the rental car fast enough to alert/express my rage to the irresponsible drivers which dominate the roads.

Gah. Now that I've gotten that off my chest.

We are safely in Arkansas. We have been for a while actually. No thanks to other drivers, by the way.

So, good story:
What's one of the worst things that can happen to you on the beginning of a journey? Leaving your laptop unattended at the airport? Is that kinda up there with forgetting your passport? Let me tell you, I've never felt so much pure panic in my life.

We got to the airport with three carry-ons, three suitcases and a baby. I found some empty seats to sit all of our things on to get out our tickets to check the flight number. Our check-in desk wasn't listed on the monitors so we decided to go for a coffee in Starbucks. We piled all of our belongings (we thought) onto a trolley and walked the other side of the airport for a coffee. We settled down with frappucinos and teas and a blueberry muffin and chatted away with Scott's dad while we waited. After finishing his tea, Scott decided to check the monitors. He left to find one while I stayed back with Andy and Fifi. When Scott returned, he informed us our check-in desk was available. We gathered our belongings and got up to leave.

"You got the laptop?" Scott asked.

"Ye--" I turned to look behind my chair for the laptop. It wasn't there. "But I'm sure I--!" I began to panic. I searched all around the table and the trolley. No laptop.

"Scott!! RUN BACK TO THOSE CHAIRS TO SEE IF I LEFT IT!" Scott, knowing it was no time to argue, bolted off to the seats across the airport. I was so panicked I could barely breathe. "Please please please" was all I could pray. I was certain my laptop would be gone - either stolen or picked up by security as unattended luggage. It seemed Scott was gone for ages. Finally he returned - laptop in hand. I burst into tears. Turns out it was close to a bunch of guards so it kinda looked like it belonged to them. I've never felt so relieved and so angry at myself at the same time.


In other news, Scott and I are uncle and aunt! Pete and Rebekkah welcomed Audrey into the world on Sunday night (I think it was Sunday- we found out on Monday morning which I think was still Sunday in Texas). Congratulations to the new parents!

Also, I took Scott for a haircut on Thursday and came home with this:

I flipped a coin. I cut my hair. I'm still not sure how I feel about this. I miss my long hair...

I'll share more interesting stories later. Fifi's crying.

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