Saturday, April 28, 2007

Packing For Holiday

We leave bright and early Monday morning for America. Today has been productive; bags are mostly packed and the house is mostly clean. Our friend Lorna came over and entertained the baby while we got stuff done. Scott cleaned the kitchen while I packed bags and tidied the living room (which isn't 100% done yet). Fi's been lovely all day, up until a few hours ago. We think, young as she is, that she's going to cut some teeth soon. She's got all the classic signs: major drooling, chewing on hands, crying, warm head (not feverish though, thankfully). I suppose some babies do start teething around 4 months (she's 3), so we'll see if I'm right in a few weeks, I guess.

I'm tired, and my head kinda hurts. I'm looking forward to being back home for a few weeks.

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