Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My First La Leche League Meeting

Fifi is asleep and while there are fifty things I really ought to be doing during this time ahead of blogging, I'm choosing blogging.

This morning I attended my first La Leche League group meeting. It was in someone's home on the total opposite side of Glasgow from me so it took an hour to get there. I'm glad they only meet once a month. Fifi was fine with the long drive, though, which gave me some encouragement for our upcoming trip to America and all the driving we'll be doing there.

Anyway, I won't describe the people I met there, even though I'm dying to, just in case I ever become friends with any of them and they start reading this blog and find a description of themselves, which would be part creepy, part ... well, mainly creepy.

But I will say I liked everyone very much, and I was delighted to find exactly the kind of people I expected to find - the hippies, the earth mothers of a million breastfed kids and the every day mums who, like me, obviously made an effort to look nice for the outing.

And of course, everyone was all about the breastfeeding, as they would be, attending a LLL meeting. We had a good conversation about different aspects of nutrition, weaning and off-topic things like sleep and returning menstruation. I feel I learned a lot and also got a lot of confirmation on the things I've been doing.

And the best part was feeling okay about my milk spraying halfway across the room while trying to feed my squirmy baby in front of a bunch of people because they've all been there and think it's as funny as I secretly do too.

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