Friday, April 27, 2007

Gone Swimmin'

I took Fifi swimming today for the first time. Much to my delight, she loved it! She was a bit dubious at first, but once we sat down in the kiddie pool, where the water came up just below her shoulders standing up, she was much more receptive. She just floated for ages. We 'swam' for about 15-20 minutes in the kiddie pool before she started shivering and her lips started going a bit purple. So I moved us into the 'jacuzzi' which is like a really lame, lukewarm bath, and she enjoyed that as well - especially when the bubbles came on! I held her face up out of the water and swished her around while the bubbles swirled her legs around, and we giggled together. But her lips were still a bit blue so I then took her out and wrapped her in a big fluffy towel. She began crying so I took her to the changing room, dried her off and dressed her and let her nurse. She nursed for about a minute before falling into a deep sleep. She's still sleeping.

And what am I doing? Not all the work that needs to be done, no. First I napped with her, then had a frozen pizza for lunch and then ordered some sodium ascorbate and gentian violet off Amazon. Now I'm blogging. And the housework and the reports I am supposed to be working on are still waiting. It's so hard to choose to do work in the few precious hours you get free when you've got a baby! But if my luck continues, and Fifi stays asleep, I might tackle some reports after I finish this post.

And come to that, I'm finished with this post, so maybe I'll go start some reports. Unless that was a baby cry I just heard...

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