Thursday, April 05, 2007

Spending Time Together

Girlie Lunch
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Fifi and I do lots of fun stuff together.

We go shopping. We go to lunch. We go on walks. We hike.

Sometimes Fifi and I just hang around the house, like today. Today we're just gonna tidy up and relax. We might go visit Great Gran at the hospice though. Fifi likes Great Gran. Great Gran sings silly songs to her.

I like spending time with Fifi. Despite her lack of language skills, I enjoy listening to her. She has lots of goos and gaas for me, lots of gurgles and giggles. Sometimes I do need a bit more two-sided conversations, though, so somedays we go hang out with other people too, like Granda or my friends who also have children.

Some people claim to get really bored spending all day alone with a baby. I suppose from some point of view I can see that, but I can't imagine it ever being the case with me. I love it. I love planning my days around adventures and outings as opposed to spreadsheets and meetings. I would love nothing more than to stay at home with Fifi and any potential brothers or sisters until they are all in school. We just have so much fun together!

But, alas, SAHMing doesn't pay the electricity bills. So I'm trying to enjoy it while it lasts.

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