Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dedication Ceremony

Dedication of Fiona Esther from superlori on Vimeo

Fifi's dedication took place Sunday night. Scott called it her 'fake christening', which perhaps it is. But considering the differences in beliefs between me and Scott, and our church for that matter, on the subject, a dedication ceremony was a very happy medium. It wasn't anything we felt Biblically obliged to do (as it is not prescribed in Scripture), but rather something we thought would be a special experience for us and an opportunity for others to witness us commit to raising Fifi in the Lord.

Basically, it was nothing like a baptism, and I'm glad it wasn't. It didn't end up being a christening-minus-water, which I think probably most dedication ceremonies are. But then again, I've never paid much attention to most of the dedications I've been to, so I don't know. It was simply a public acknowledgement, and a declaration that we ought to be held to, that we intend to raise Fi in a godly home by the grace of God and with the love of Christ.

We were asked to respond to five questions. They went like this:

1. God has entrusted this precious little life to your care. Do you promise to be faithful to that trust as her parents?
2. God has blessed you with His precious word. Will you as parents faithfully and constantly pass it on to Fi in a way she can understand?
3. God has entrusted you with His glorious gospel. Will you help her to understand and appreciate the love of Jesus who died for us?
4. God has blessed you with the joy of celebrating her birth. Will you constantly pray that she will one day be born again by receiving the the Lord Jesus as her personal Saviour?
5. God has given His children a mandate regarding our life-style. Will you as Fi's parents endeavour to live consistent Christian lives so that she will grow up in a godly, God-fearing home?

He then went on to speak on behalf of the church that it will also help us and Fifi by providing a godly environment for us to take refuge in.

He also explained for visitors why there was not a baptism taking place. I won't get into what I or my husband believe about infant baptism versus believer's baptism. I feel a bit like I have to justify having a dedication instead of a christening, for the sake of my paedobaptist friends (you know who you are!), but this isn't the post for that. The evening was really nice, and it was a special time for us, surrounded by friends and family who support us and love us. Fifi is lucky to have so many people who really care about her. Scott and I are really lucky to have people who care about us too.

I only wish my family could have been there.

Pictures here.

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