Monday, June 04, 2007

The Biz

Things are starting to come along on the business front. There are several reasons for this: the finding and installing of the printer/scanner/copier software onto my laptop, the finding and installing of the Macromedia Suite software on my laptop, and the finding and installing of the PhotoShop Elements (bleh, Elements) software on my laptop.

Also the aging and maturing of the baby who now can entertain herself for longer than two minutes at a time.

Also the purchasing of loads of exciting materials from The Papermill Shop. Which haven't arrived though.

I've started working on some samples of printed designs which you can view (and be honest about in any comments) here. You have no idea how much courage it took just there to link to that.

When the goods from The Papermill Shop arrive, I'll begin samples of handmade cards.

Did I ever even mention what the biz is(iz)? It's custom-designed wedding stationery - invitations, programs, save-the-date, etc. Choices are either digital designs or handmade cards. Man, just writing about this is freaking me out. My confidence has suddenly fizzled to nothing.

Anyway, money has been spent so confidence or no, I must get at least one or two jobs to cover the cost of what I've spent. At least if I come out even, I can keep the Tax Man sort of at bay. It's the profit he's after. If any profit is ever made.

Meanwhile, amidst all the work, I've also been having fun with the scanner.

And as soon as I get new ink cartridges (I forgot how expensive they are!), I look forward to beginning a few sewing projects, starting with this Scotty dog by All Sorts.

ETA: My stuff arrived!

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