Monday, June 25, 2007

Fifi: Film Fanatic

It's a good thing we don't have a TV license, because Girlfriend would be glued to the set if we did. She loved the cinema. She wanted to marry it.

When the lights dimmed, she knew something BIG was happening. Then the loud speakers played one of those introduction thingys with a bolt of lightening and a loud, unexpected sound, and while all the other babies were two seconds away from total melt-down, Fifi just couldn't wait to see what was next. Then the big screen portrayed the opening scene, and Fifi sat up to attention and was hooked for the next hour. She sat straight up on my knee and moved her head back and forth to see the whole screen for, I'm not joking, an hour. She turned her head to watch characters dialoguing. Every so often, she'd turn her head back to look me in the face and grin like nothing, not even num-num, was as good as this.

After an hour, she did get kinda hungry though, so I fed her. But she was obviously really into the story (when did she learn French?), because she kept turning back around to see what Edith was saying or doing. Finally, she fell asleep and slept for the last hour. I think she was kinda disappointed that she didn't get to see how it ended, but I filled her in when she woke up.

It was certainly a very successful outing. I think we'll have to visit the cinema more often. Fifi heard there was an Indian film playing next week, and she's been brushing up on her Hindi.

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