Monday, June 18, 2007

The Biz... Again

I've been really busy.

I'm sorry that my blog has become so boring and neglected. Honestly, all day long, when I'm out and about, I think about things that if I could right that second blog about, I would. But I come home and either forget all about my earlier thoughts or realise they are totally not worth talking about.

So I'll just talk about my biz.

Scott told the lady at his work who is going to show her future daughter-in-law my stuff that I'd be ready by this week. Exclamation points! I'm still waiting on my stamps to arrive which I had made. Once those arrive though, I should be able to finish making up my samples, at least enough to get started. If you are one of my friends/family on flickr, you'll be able to see a few samples yourself. (If you'd like to become a friend/family contact on flickr, just let me know!)

What else, what else...

Tomorrow I begin my training course with the Breastfeeding Network. Don't know if I ever updated you on that, but you might remember ages ago me saying that I'd been asked if I wanted to do some peer support training, but I never heard back from anyone? Well, I ended up running into the woman who was organising it at the weekly local breastfeeding support group (which I'd hardly ever attended), and she said it wasn't too late to join. So the training starts tomorrow, and I'm pretty excited. I hope it's good.

I also might take on another money-making scheme, on top of my business and my clerical work. A girl from the breastfeeding support group is having trouble finding a childminder for her son for when she goes back to work, so there's a chance I'm going to be watching her boy a couple days a week. He's a month and a half older than Fifi, so I'm a bit nervous about watching two little rugrats, but I'm working through a plan. If I can find a tandem pram somewhere like Freecycle or eBay, then I can easily take the two munchkins out for walks or through the town or to the park or even to coffee shops, and it won't be that much more work. Of course, if I do this, it means I seriously need to get my house baby-proofed, but that's gonna have to happen soon anyway, as Fifi is a rolling machine. So anyway, yeah, might be doing that too. Because we are broke.

Okay, it's now twenty to twelve. I should really be asleep. Not only do I now have this training course on Tuesdays, I'm still supposed to do the grocery shopping, tidy the living room and wash a load of laundry on Tuesdays too. And care for a baby. I'm pooped.

(Ha, saying 'pooped' has a whole new meaning for me now. It reminds me of that load of nappies that need to be tumble dried.)

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