Thursday, June 14, 2007

Moving Forward

Yesterday was the funeral for Gran. What is there to say? It was nice. It really was. Fifi was mostly well-behaved. June is with the Lord now, and her suffering is over.

With the funeral over, I finally feel able to get back into the swing of normal life. For a week, life was not normal. I couldn't face mundane things, like housework or blogging. But now, life must go on. So today I took life by the reins and got back in control.

I turned my chore schedule 3-D.

With an A4-sized card and a little magnetic tape, I am now able to quickly and easily plan my week in terms of chores, errands, organised events and meals.

I also got into the kitchen and made those peanut butter teddy bears I've been wanting to make. It felt good to bake something. But the teddies are so cute, I can't bear (haha) to eat them.

I've also gotten a bit further with my cards. I've got four different handmade styles made up and about six different digital graphic examples. I've mixed the two mediums quite a lot for a look I hope is quite unique. And my personalised stamps I created have been made and should be in the mail tomorrow. I sure hope all this work is not for nothing... one job at least is all I need to break even on all the supplies I've purchased.

So anyway, I guess things are getting back to normal now. Tomorrow Fifi and I will go to her swimming class. On Saturday we'll go to Justin and Lorna's wedding. And so forth.

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