Thursday, December 06, 2012


Gingerbread men from 2010
I'm glad it's December, and I don't feel the obligation to blog EVERY single day (even though I'd LIKE to). I've been so, so, so busy these past few weeks, with late nights every single night, that I'm getting more than just overwhelmed... I'm getting out of control. So tonight, even though I still have a hundred things to get done, I'm going to bed. Early. Before 10. I have one assignment I really simply MUST complete, and after that, I'm snuggling in with Jaguar for an early night.

We've not managed to complete our Advent Activities for the past two days. Yesterday we were supposed to make paper lanterns, but I just couldn't make the time between making dinner and getting to a parents meeting at the school for 6. Today we were supposed to make gingerbread men, one of my favourite Christmas activities, but I didn't have all the ingredients on hand and no time or money to go buy them. So I felt awful for all the kids today, but in the end, I don't think they really cared too much. We will make them another day for sure though.

I've had a splitting headache all day, so tonight, after I put the girls in bed, Jaguar and I took a bath, and then fell asleep on the bed feeding. I'm only just up, and the only reason I got up was to do this one thing for tomorrow before heading back to bed.

Lots to do, but today, I just need sleep.

Back to better blogging tomorrow, fingers crossed.

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