Thursday, December 13, 2012

Merry Christmas! It's A... Door!

We finally got around to *actually* doing an activity today! We didn't do yesterday's activity - make reindeer food - and I'm beginning to think I'm the biggest Grinch in town, but we did today's, and I'm glad we did. It was easy, fun, quick, and the kids loved it. I might need to buy more sellotape now, but oh well! All in the name of Christmas, yeah?

I was lucky enough to have found a huge stash of leftover Christmas wrapping paper in the hall closet, so had plenty to waste use without having to buy any. We had fun figuring out the best way to wrap the door, taping it together, cutting and making a bow and tag. The kids' bedroom is very festive now.

I feel terrible for how many days we've skipped; the kids are keeping tabs; we still need to make up our gingerbread man-making, Christmas card-making and reindeer food-making. We'll get there, I promise! And in my defense, we didn't do reindeer food yesterday, because we made cakepops instead. Lolly got a lot of money for her birthday, and when I said she could either save it in her bank account to buy something really big, or spend it, she immediately snapped, 'SPENDIT'. So SPENDIT we did, and she chose very wisely; she bought herself a cakepop maker and a stack of books. We came home, and everyone - the boys, Fifii and Lolly - were desperate to try it out, so we made up a cake mix and made cakepops. So, you see, it wasn't out of laziness that we never made reindeer food.

Well, anyway, it's coming up for 8 o'clock, and my plan is now to make a cup of hot chocolate, sit down with my sewing machine, and finish my sewing project for my friend Maria. Once that is complete, assuming there is time, I intend to unwind in a hot bath before getting an early night. But really, we'll see how early I actually get to bed for...

Like the girls' t-shirts? They love wearing special Daddy shirts to bed!

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