Sunday, December 23, 2012

Advent Catch-up

What a December it's been.

I don't remember any Christmases Past being as stressful as this year's.

I've been to bed two nights in a row now (and possibly another tonight) with headaches or migraines. Friday night was especially bad. I haven't had a migraine like that in at least a year. The stress - oh the stress of everything! - is really getting to me.

Today's activity was simple; the kids performed in a nativity play at the church we've started visiting (and really, really like).

Afterwards, Granny treated them to an early Christmas present of getting 'hair feathers' put in at the hair salon.

The second part of today's activity was reading books about the nativity, which we also managed to do this afternoon.

I've not been good at blogging, but I have done most of the other activities this week that were planned. We painted canvas art on Day 17, we went out to eat for Lolly's birthday on Day 18, we drank (homemade) hot chocolate and watched The Grinch on Day 19, made Christmas crackers on Day 21, and looked through old photo albums (our wedding album this time) on Day 22. So not bad this week!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I think I'm just about ready for it. I have some baking to do, and a few last gifts to wrap, and a Pajama Fairy appearance to make, and a few other wee bits and bobs. Tonight, I need to tidy up the living room, making it childminding-friendly since I'm working tomorrow, and I would REALLY like to get started on cleaning my bedroom. It all depends on my head and on Jaguar, who hasn't been feeling too great this weekend.

Nollaig Chridheil!

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