Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Poor Fifi is feeling a bit out of sorts because of her cold. The health visitor was here this morning and put my mind at rest a bit about it, but I'm still sad for my little girl. She's doing okay, though, and isn't running a fever anymore (or at least not since I last checked). She's sleeping soundly in her Cuddle-U and snoring.

We got her a few things today - a bath seat so we can bathe her more easily, some books, some rattles, a thermometer (okay, that was for my own benefit) and some different shaped soothers. These are supposed to be 'closer to nature' so she might take them better.

I don't have anything worth saying anymore, do I? Yeah, I just watch a lot of Scrubs.

Here: Pictures! This is what you really want.

All 9lbs 6oz of her!

Self portraits!

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